What caused that plan to go horribly wrong – should you update statistics?

I’ve been seeing this over the past few years, imagine this scenario: You have a stored procedure that runs well most of the time but sometimes it’s WAYYYYY off. It’s almost as though the performance of it went from great to horrible in a split second (like falling off of a cliff). You don’t know […]

Stored procedures, recompilation and .NetRocks

Last week I visited the .Net User Group in NY where .NetRocks was recording as part of their Visual Studio Road Trip… What a great time and a great group! Always fun visiting NY but even more fun when I present to a group that really gets into the topic. I guess I had something […]

Getting ready for DotNetRocks tonight (in NYC)

I've had quite the past with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin and we're about to do it again… a dotNetRocks that is! They're traveling the country in an RV and stopping at all sorts of places to talk about development best practices and VS 2012. If you have the time – you should definitely check […]

Presentation Skills – How to Create a Connection

Erin Stellato (blog | twitter) asked on her SQLskills blog for comments/recommendations on presenting (be sure to check out the comments/links). She wrote a fantastic post on her favorite recommendations for new speakers here. And, I thought I'd add a couple of quick recommendations as well. First and foremost, if you want to create a connection […]