Backups, trains, birds, and painfully contrived movie plots

Totally off-topic blog post this time. I haven’t blogged in a week as we’ve been in Chicago and Illinois for the memorial for Kimberly’s Father (see here). Everything went really well at the memorial and then the ashes scattering in Lake Michigan – perfect sailing weather! The only fly in the ointment came back to […]

CHECKDB bug that people are hitting – Msg 8967, Level 16, State 216

Before I start, I want to make it clear that you can only hit this bug if you ALREADY have corruption, that it’s quite rare, and that there is a workaround. I’ve noticed a few more people in the forums having DBCC CHECKDB fail with this particular error in the last month: Whenever DBCC CHECKDB […]

In Print: TechNet Magazine June 2008 SQL Q&A Column

My first magazine article is in print! I’ve taken over the bi-monthly SQL Q&A column for TechNet Magazine and I just received the June magazine in the mail today with my first column in it. Topics covered are: Creating corruption and using page checksums The shrink-grow-shrink-grow trap How many databases can be mirrored per instance […]

Do backups apply to just digital data? And how many backups should you have?

So Seattle weather went from 50 degrees to 85 degrees overnight Friday and we all went from shivering to sweating! It's too hot to be sitting outside so we're both sitting inside getting a little work done. Well, I should really say 'work' as neither of us are actually doing anything productive for the business. Both of […]

How hard is it to pick the right non-clustered indexes?

Kimberly and I were presenting at our local (Redmond) .Net Developers Association on Monday and the following question came up while Kimberly was talking about missing and extra indexes (paraphrasing): What’s the best non-clustered index to use for the query with a predicate WHERE lastname = ‘Randal’ AND firstname = ‘Paul’ AND middleinitial = ‘S’? […]