SQL Server 2008 patching has begun – and the PSS blog

Just over a month since SQL Server 2008 went to RTM and the first Cumulative Update (CU1) has been released. Bob Ward, a very good friend of mine, and a Principal Escalation Engineer in the SQL Server Product Support team published a detailed blog post on Friday explaining how to get it and install it. […]

RunAs Radio interview on indexes (and future projects…)

For the first time in ages, Kimberly sneaked in an interview without me! I was teaching a class on Database Maintenance for some Microsoft DBAs and Kimberly recorded a RunAs Radio interview on her favorite subject – indexes. I love listening to her talk about indexes – or maybe I just like the sound of […]

TechNet Magazine: October SQL Q&A column

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post as we’ve been offline in Scotland (another photo post to follow – I owe you two now…) but now we’re back for the crazy Fall conference and teaching season. The latest installment of my regular Q&A column in TechNet Magazine is available at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc895648.aspx. This month […]

SQL Server 2008 public class – database infrastructure and scalability

        Over the last six months on the blog, you’ll have seen me mention internal training that Kimberly and I wrote for Microsoft on SQL Server 2008. This deep training covers all the features around database infrastructure and scalability and we’ve just finished revamping it for RTM. We did a one-day version […]

Dev Connections newsletter

At the last Connections conference in April, the conference organizers tapped a bunch of speakers for interviews, articles, and other content to put into a free “newsletter” called MyDevConnections, and now it’s finally available. It covers all the Connections conferences, so isn’t just limited to SQL Server. As far as SQL is concerned, Kimberly and […]

RunAs Radio interview on FILESTREAM

This is the second of the two sessions I recently recorded with Richard and Greg on RunAs Radio (the first one on being an “involuntary DBA” is here). I’ve just finished the final edited version of a whitepaper for Microsoft on the FILESTREAM feature of SQL Server 2008 and this session goes into details of why […]

How the on-disk data structures fit together

In the last few classes I've taught, we've discussed the on-disk structures where everything is stored in a database, and I've also been asked privately where all the info is on my blog. I know that a lot of people reading my blog now are new in the last six months or so and will […]

One year on…

Well, it’s been a year since I left Microsoft (8/31/07) to join Kimberly running SQLskills.com – and what a blast it’s been! From 8/31/07 to 8/31/08 I’ve: Had one front-page article in TechNet Magazine Written two whitepapers Presented at 4 conferences Taught in 5 countries outside the US Taken 39 flights (still 18 more to […]

SQL Server2008: New whitepaper on combining transactional replication and database mirroring

I just heard today that the first whitepaper I’ve written for Microsoft has been published! The abstract is: SQL Server Replication: Providing High-Availability using Database Mirroring This white paper describes how to use database mirroring to increase the availability of the replication stream in a transactional environment. It covers setting up replication in a mirrored […]

Can the hack-the-suspect-database-into-the-server trick work for corrupt file headers?

(Quickie post #3 while it's Kimberly's turn to lecture this morning – better pay attention now before I get into trouble) Gail asked a (paraphrased) question about the trick to hacking a detached suspect database into the server again – will it work for a detached database with multiple data files in the primary filegroup […]

Why does the buffer pool contain so many dirty tempdb pages?

(Quickie post #2 while it's Kimberly's turn to lecture this morning…) Greg asked a question regarding the script I posted to examine buffer pool contents (paraphrased) – why does the buffer pool seem to contain such a high proportion of dirty tempdb pages on busy production systems? The answer is to do with the recoverability of […]

Better behavior with suspect databases in SQL Server 2008

(Quickie post #1 while it’s Kimberly’s turn to lecture this morning…) I had a comment on my post dealing with suspect databases, saying that the 2008 behavior is much better. I hadn’t tried this so it was (really good) news to me. So, trying the same steps from that blog post on 2008 – everything’s […]

Last chance to register for our class in Scotland next week

Well, we’re here in England now to teach the first of our UK classes and we’re staying with our good friend Tony Rogerson (UK SQL Server Community founder and SQLBits co-organizer) and his great family once again – I was beaten at tennis on the Wii by their 5-year old son last night… It’s too late to […]