SQL Connections Fall resources uploaded

We're sitting here in the Las Vegas airport on the way home to Seattle for 3 whole weeks and I've just finished uploading the resources for the SQL Connections conference that ended yesterday. On our Past Events page I've uploaded zip files for: Our joint pre-con on database maintenance Kimberly's post-con on indexing My session […]

Lock logging and fast recovery

One of the things I love teaching is how the transaction log and logging/recovery work. I presented a session on this at both PASS and SQL Connections in the last two weeks, and in both sessions I promised to write some blog posts about the deep internals of logging operations. This is the first one […]

Australia and PASS resources and wrapup

Today's our rest day here at SQL Connections and one of the things on my list is to post all the resources from our recent events. On our Past Events page I've uploaded zip files for: Kimberly's 4-day performance tuning class in Melbourne My 4-day maintenance/DR class in Melbourne Kimberly's pre-con at PASS on indexing […]

TechNet Magazine: feature article on recovering from disasters using backups

The November 2009 edition of TechNet Magazine is up on the web and contains my latest feature article, the second in a 3-part series on backups/restores/repairs. In this article I explain all about using the RESTORE command. Not much point having backups if you don't know how to use them! Topics include: The four phases […]

Busy week coming up at the 2009 PASS Summit

It's PASS time again in Seattle and we've got a busy week lined up. It's going to be a cavalcade of meeting new people, and in the best tradition of conferences past, I'll do my best to remember most people's names who I met last year but please don't be offended if I don't, give me […]