BI Immersion Event in Bellevue, WA in October!

It's official! We're putting on a 5-day BI Immersion Event this year in the US!

We've just confirmed with our well-known BI expert, Stacia Misner, who will be teaching the class. Stacia teaches all the Microsoft internal BI classes and we're looking forward to sitting in on the class to learn from her too. Check out her bio here.

Even with little to no knowledge of BI, this course will provide you with immediately-usable, production-level knowledge of BI. The course has been designed to take you from installation to configuration to application and integration – for all facets of the BI stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, PowerPivot, and SharePoint) – it is meant for anyone who wants to get involved in BI. Our first thought was to create a class for DBAs who want to better understand their environment, but the course content is just as valuable whether you’re new to BI or ready to expand your skills. This class might be the perfect way to advance your career and dig deeper into topics that don’t typically get covered in most BI classes.

Maybe you accomplish quite a bit with Excel – but how do you get the data there? Quite a few folks use cut-and-paste, or import from a CSV – but of course there's a much better, and much more scalable and robust way using SSIS! Relational data warehousing – with lots of aggregate tables – helps you keep your data organized for Excel or any other type of reporting or analysis tool that you might want to use, but some types of business questions are answered more easily when you move your data from the data warehouse into SSAS cubes. Whether you store data in tables or cubes, you have a variety of options in the BI stack to access and analyze the data, but which is best? Learn how to choose the right tool for the task and how to manage a secure and scalable environment for reporting and analysis.

The course starts out in the 100-200 range on Day 1 but moves into the 200-300 range for the remainder of the week. For each technology in the BI stack, you’ll learn basic usage and design principles, followed by more coverage of configuration, performance tuning, and other management tasks than you’ll find in most BI end-to-end classes. The course will not only bridge the gap in your BI knowledge, but will continue on to take you a lot further. If you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself into BI, figure out the end-to-end story, and go behind-the-scenes to learn how to install, configure, and deploy BI solutions, this is the place to be!

The class will follow our regular 5-day format with Stacia's best content covering:

  • What is Business Intelligence?
  • Building a Business Intelligence Infrastructure
  • Relational Data Warehousing
  • Integration Services
  • SSIS Package Reliability and Performance
  • Managing SSIS in Production
  • Analysis Services
  • Designing Aggregations
  • Using MDX to Enhance a Cube
  • Managing SSAS in Production
  • Reporting Services
  • Developing Reports
  • Managing SSRS in Production
  • Excel and PowerPivot for Excel
  • SharePoint 2010
  • PerformancePoint Services
  • PowerPivot forSharePoint

The event will be held in the Marriott Courtyard Bellevue Downtown and will be fully catered – there's a special room rate of $159/night.

The full cost is US$3200 with an early-bird special of US$2600 for registrations before midnight PST September 17th.

Check out the Immersion Event page for full details, registration, and feedback from attendees of our other events (or jump straight to registration).

We hope to see you there!

Student comments from our class last week

We've got two more classes on the books now for 2010 – a 5-day BI class in Bellevue, WA the week of October 25th, and a 5-day SQL Immersion class in San Diego, CA the week of December 6th. Watch the blogs for announcements for when registration goes live.

In the meantime, here a some comments from those who attended our 5-day Immersion Event  last week.

"Best class I have been to!" – Julie Finnell

"Best training I ever attended in the last 9 years. The course is very well planned and executed. Excellent Job!! Will come back next year."

"This was the best course I've EVER attended. I could list the features that distinguish this course from the others, but I won't. The least of which, however, is not the mentors. You both were just fabulous." – Nick Loghides.

"I really loved the way you both indulged our questions. Great demos!" – Nick Loghides.

"When my boss first asked me why this class of the other, I told him that I wanted to go to the source. As for the class, immersion is definitely the best way to describe the overall content and presentation. There is so much content, but it is presented in a way that you won't drown. Every question is answered considerately and concisely; whether it's a complex question that needs to be answered at breaks or something that can be answered quickly. Overall, I can't say enough about the class and would recommend it to anyone who wants to know how SQL Server works." – Kevin Eckart

"A lot of great material! As a newbie, there is a lot of stuff I can use immediately, and also a lot for fuure consideration. Really gave me a good understanding of some of the internals and a new way to look at our systems." – Tim Magney

"Overall, excellent course!! Thank you! I've learned new tips and techniques that will save me time and my company money." – Ed Quick

"Overall, I think anyone who works professionally with SQL Server should come to this training, even if they have to pay for it themselves." – Eric Maibach

"This was the *BEST* training event I've ever attended! Thank you for a fantastic experience!" – Rowland Gosling

"The level of knowledge you have and impart was invaluable to making this class totally worth my time! Thanks." – Chris Swartley

"This was an incredible week and I can't wait to get back to work and start implementing what I've learned." – George

"Top tactics one-and-all. I'm excited. And love my job more!! Thank you!" – Kyle

Thanks everyone – it was a pleasure teaching you!

Offline for four weeks…

Hey folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that Kimberly and I will be offline from this weekend for four weeks. We're going on vacation – taking the kids up to Alaska to explore for two weeks and then Kimberly and I are taking an ex-Russian ice-breaker with Heritage Expeditions over to the Kamchatka Pensinsula in Siberia and up into the Arctic Circle to Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean.

The island is a polar bear breeding ground (actually with the densest population in the world) and fabulous bird life (see the Fauna and Flora tab here). We'll be tweeting and updating our Facebook pages from our sat-phone while we're up there, and we should have some fabulous photos to share here when we get back.

In the meantime, Brent will be holding down the SQLskills fort – any queries sent to either me or Kimberly will go unanswered until we return. Give him hell! :-)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!