BI Immersion Event in Bellevue, WA in October!

It's official! We're putting on a 5-day BI Immersion Event this year in the US! We've just confirmed with our well-known BI expert, Stacia Misner, who will be teaching the class. Stacia teaches all the Microsoft internal BI classes and we're looking forward to sitting in on the class to learn from her too. Check […]

Student comments from our class last week

We've got two more classes on the books now for 2010 – a 5-day BI class in Bellevue, WA the week of October 25th, and a 5-day SQL Immersion class in San Diego, CA the week of December 6th. Watch the blogs for announcements for when registration goes live. In the meantime, here a some […]

Offline for four weeks…

Hey folks, Just a quick note to let you know that Kimberly and I will be offline from this weekend for four weeks. We're going on vacation – taking the kids up to Alaska to explore for two weeks and then Kimberly and I are taking an ex-Russian ice-breaker with Heritage Expeditions over to the […]

Benchmarking: Introducing SSDs (Part 3: random inserts with wait stats details)

Last time I posted about SSDs I presented the findings from sequential inserts with a variety of configurations and basically concluded that SSDs do not provide a substantial gain over SCSI storage (that is not overloaded) – see this blog post for more details. You can see my benchmarking hardware setup here, with the addition of […]

TechNet Magazine: July 2010 SQL Q&A column

The July edition of TechNet Magazine is available on the web now and has the latest installment of my regular SQL Q&A column (and I forgot to blog about it a couple of weeks back). This month's topics are: Why shrink runs slower on some databases than others Is it true that autogrow should always […]