Survey: what is the highest wait on your system?

I've recently been creating some content about wait stats analysis and I think it would be really interesting to see what kind of waits people are seeing out there in the wild. Hopefully it'll also introduce a bunch of people to the waits-and-queues performance troubleshooting methodology and how it can be really useful to them. […]

Invitation to participate in T-SQL Tuesday #12 – Why are DBA skills necessary?

In November we're doing T-SQL Tuesday a week early (Tuesday November 2nd) so that it doesn't clash with PASS and I'll be your host! What is T-SQL Tuesday? If you haven't seen it yet, T-SQL Tuesday is the brain-child of fellow-MVP Adam Machanic (blog|twitter). It happens once a month on the 2nd Tuesday (different this month) and […]

Myths and misconceptions: 60-page PDF of blog posts

Back when I did the DBA-Myth-A-Day series in April, many people asked for the 30 blog posts to be collected up into a document for easy printing/reading/etc. I promised, but never got around to it, until I had an email from a blog reader, Peter Maloof, who had very kindly done all the work of […]

SQL Connections Spring 2011: Call for Abstracts

Yes, it's that time again. We're just about to have the Fall show so its time to start planning for the Spring 2011 show. Once again Kimberly and I will be Co-Chairs of the Conference and we'd like to invite you to submit abstracts for the Spring 2011 SQL Connections conference, to be held in Orlando, March 27th […]

T-SQL Tuesday #11: Misconceptions about…. EVERYTHING!!

This month's T-SQL Tuesday is being run by fellow-MVP Sankar Reddy (blog|twitter) and the topic is about Misconceptions in SQL Server. (Check out the 60-page PDF with all the myths and misconceptions blog posts collected together: CommonSQLServerMyths.pdf (732.96 kb)) Back in April I spent an entire month doing a DBA-Myth-A-Day series once a day which was […]

Programmatically picking apart foreign-key constraints

Another quickie today. Don't ask why, but this morning I was trying to programmatically work out which tables have foreign-key references to table Sales, because they're preventing fast partition switching on table Sales. After more spelunking around I thought I had it with this code: SELECT * FROM sys.all_objects WHERE [type] = 'F' AND [parent_object_id] […]

Programmatic detection of configuration options

A quickie… this morning I've been writing a bunch of T-SQL code (yes, occasionally I'm allowed to do that :-) and I needed to programmatically check whether backup compression is enabled on a SQL Server 2008 instance. I futzed about for a few minutes with sp_configure and I was starting to think of a temp table […]

Last call for the 5 day comprehensive BI course in two weeks!

Time is running out to sign up for our BI class in Bellevue, WA in a couple of weeks… there are some spots left so make sure one of them goes to you! Check out our Immersion Event page for details – hope to see you there! PS Next week I'll have time to put […]

Summer travels part 1: Alaska (Denali, Seward, Homer)

It's been six weeks or so since I posted anything technical here – my summer vacation from being online, and your summer vacation from having to digest my ramblings! It's also been a loooong time since I wrote a detailed Where In The World Are Paul and Kimberly tagged blog post, usually deferring to Facebook […]