SQL Server Magazine: feature article on using database repair

The September SQL Server Magazine articles are now available on the web and include my latest feature article on Using Database Repair for Disaster Recovery. It includes a detailed walk-through of a disaster scenario where all backups include the corruption – showing you how to run repair and then try to recover some of the […]

SharePoint in a SQL Server environment

A few weeks back I kicked off a survey asking whether you have SharePoint in your SQL Server environment at all. Here are the results:   The "Other" responses were: 3 x "Not now but I did in a previous role." 3 x "Yes, but the dbas do not manage their servers." 2 x "SharePoint 2007 […]

Photos: Illinois Railway Museum

  Back in May when we were out in Chicago teaching one of our classes we had a spare day so we drove an hour west into the Illinois countryside to the absolutely excellent Illinois Railway Museum. I've always been a big train fan, stemming from the days back in the early '80s when I […]

Do yourself a favor… Trust No One

Cue spooky music… I used to love the X-Files, where one of the catch-phrases was Trust No One. Their other major catch-phrase was The Truth Is Out There. Yes, it is – but you're likely going to come up against all kinds of obstacles to finding it, just like Agent Mulder did. Now, searching for […]

Survey: nonclustered index counts (code to run)

Here's a survey I've been meaning to run for quite a while – that Kimberly and I are really interested in. For all the databases on your server, how many nonclustered indexes do you tables have, plus is the table a heap or a clustered index? The code below will return the following result set […]

Survey: do you have SharePoint in your SQL environment?

This question came up on the #sqlhelp tag on Twitter today, and it's something I'm interested in too: what percentage of SQL Server environments include SharePoint somewhere too? This is interesting because it has implications for standardization of SQL Server maintenance and HA/DR procedures across your company. If you don't have SharePoint, please take 5 […]

RTFM. No seriously, R.T.F.M. Then ask your question.

There are several reasons why I’ve drastically cut back on the amount of time I spend in the various online SQL Server forums, including: People continuing to argue that the advice given to them is wrong (and I mean arguing even after me giving references suppporting the advice and explaining why my advice is correct) […]

OT survey results: browsers and email clients

A couple of weeks back I kicked off an off-topic survey about which internet browsers and email clients people use. Here are the results:   The "Other" results are: 2 x "Chrome, FF4, IE789" 2 x "Firefox 5" 1 x "Avant" 1 x "Dragon and IE9 for flash content" 1 x "Home Firefox 5.0.1 and […]