New script: When were the sp_configure options last changed?

In my previous post I explained how the sp_configure settings are stored in a special page in the master database called the CONFIG block. Sometimes you might want to know when these were last changed if error logs are not available for some reason (as sp_configure changes are noted in the error log) or someone […]

Where are sp_configure settings stored? Another reason to backup master…

Earlier today I blogged on our SQL Server Pro magazine blog about false-alarm corruptions you will *definitely* see if you restore a backup of the master database as a user database and run DBCC CHECKDB on the restored copy. You might be doing this as part of offloading consistency checks to another server or validating […]

Photos from the Mojave Desert

(Sitting in the back of the class while Kimberly's teaching and I'm cranking through my massive backlog of blog posts.)   Inside a lave tube with light streaming through ceiling holes and through the dust. After SQL Connections at the start of April in Las Vegas we drove across to San Diego for a friend's birthday […]

Visiting Scotland (part 2)

This is part two of my three-part series of posts about what I recommend on a visit to Scotland. I'm writing posts because I get asked a lot and this is easier than repeating myself a bunch of times. You can get part 1 of the series here – dealing with Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Stirling, […]

Max server memory configuration survey results

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I kicked off a survey about memory configuration. Actually it was back at the start of January and I've been terribly remiss about posting the survey results! I was interested in how the setting of Max Server Memory (which controls the maximum size of the […]

Bug: reverting from a database snapshot shrinks the transaction log to 0.5MB

I’ve blogged about problems with database snapshots a few times previously (see my Database Snapshots category) but here’s a new one that I’ve been meaning to blog for a while that you need to know about. One of the cool uses of database snapshots is to be able to create one, make a bunch of […]

SQLskills hires hardware guru and deep technical expert Glenn Berry

This is becoming a habit – we're expanding yet again! It's been a quick 6 months since Joe Sack came on board and we've been having a blast together. Business is steadily increasing so we need to grow again and hire the next member of our close-knit, expert team. Specifically, we've asked well-known industry expert […]

Visiting Scotland (part 1)

A friend of ours on the SQL Server doc team asked me to recommend some places to visit for their upcoming trip to Scotland so instead of dashing off a long list in email I thought I'd do it as a blog post so others can benefit too. I'm going to concentrate on the areas […]

Importance of how you run consistency checks

Back in 2009 I ran a survey about methods of running consistency checks. I recently re-ran the survey to get a better idea of the prevailing methodologies – hoping that more people were offloading consistency checks in concert with testing backups. The results are very interesting. 2009 survey results: 2012 survey results: The results are […]

A natural progression

Just over thirteen years ago, at the end of January 1999, I arrived in the US on an H1B visa to start working for Microsoft, after almost 5 years working for DEC/Digital. On Monday, February 1st, 1999 I entered Microsoft's building 1 and saw my first SQL Server source code (it was the code for BULK […]