Time to take a stand

While Kimberly was selecting underwater photos for our new website, she came across this one from our dive trip to the remote NE of Indonesia in January 2012. After several people tried to do an underwater hand-stand, I gave one of our buddies my camera and showed them how it’s done in the middle of […]

Our new website and April special offer

Our New Website Late last year we finally decided to make time to revamp our blogs and website, and move onto WordPress. I ¬†really¬†wish we’d done it a lot sooner as WordPress is such a joy to work with compared to hand-coded ASP.NET, but client work always seemed to get in the way. Now we’ve […]

DBCC CHECKDB performance and computed-column indexes

[Edit 2016: The team ‘fixed’ the problem in SQL Server 2016 by skipping consistency checking these indexes unless WITH EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS is used.] It’s no secret that DBCC CHECKDB has some performance quirks based on the schema of the database being checked and various kinds of corruptions. I was recently doing some scalability testing of DBCC […]