SQLskills Insider Session 2: Plan Cache Pollution and Clean Up

How and when are statement plans cached? And, if they are cached – are there any inefficiencies? 

Learn how statements are cached and how your cache can become bloated with “single-use statements.” The good news is that there are ways to make it more efficient. We’ll look at how to review what’s in cache (using DMVs) and then how to automate a job that helps to keep cache clean and concise!

Attend this session to help get more out of the memory you have!

SQLskills Insider Session #2: VIDEO

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Session #2: Resources

Thank you! We had a great session on plan caching and clean up today. It’s such an interesting area to dive into. And, even though we answer a lot of questions during the session, keep those questions coming for session 5 (you can submit your questions on the Caching Q&A page). Thanks! 

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