DasBlog 1.9 ROCKS

There are SO many new features in the updated DasBlog that I don’t even know where to start. Here’s just a quick list of the things I really love: 1) Scrolling through the entries – if you click a specific entry’s title, you will get a “last blog entry” | main | “next blog entry” section […]

Getting into speaking, presenting, and possibly making a career change?

I am asked often….. How can I get into presenting? How do I get into external consulting? How can I do something similar to what you do? It’s a challenge to work for yourself… There are periods of feast and periods of famine There are [way too many] times when the only person you can […]

Is it really September? Here are some resources to check out!

Hey there everyone – Been a LONG time since I last blogged (sorry!)… key reason (fyi) is that I’m trying to find the ever-challenging work/life balance during the best months of the year (here in Seattle July/Aug are GREAT! months – September is almost always good too). Anyway, it’s been a few weeks and I […]