SP2 was released today… and, did you know about the Feature Pack?

OK – I feel like I know a fair amount about SQL Server but sometimes I also feel like I don’t :) :) I’m continuously amazed at how big a product SQL Server is… today was one of those days when I felt “I don’t”! I’ve been wanting to know more and more about the […]

Upcoming Events and Instant Initialization is not………….

Enterprise only. OK – I really need to blog more and well – I’m starting today by blogging a “quickie” blog entry on something that I just learned recently and that most of us (who speak/write/whatever on SQL Server) have been saying incorrectly…even marketing :). What’s been said is that the new SQL Server 2005 feature […]

The Clustered Index Debate Continues…

Well, I've promised to blog more and I'm really going to try to do so. This morning I got the perfect question/comment (in email) to respond to and after working through a response that was taking me upwards of 3 hours (you'll learn later why I have 3 "spare" hours :)……… I figured that it was […]