Catching up on resources – the Accidental DBA workshops!

OK, we were in Iceland and then Florida for our Accidental DBA workshops and both went really well. People agree that there are quite a few involuntary/accidental DBAs out there and overall, we helped quite a few to see a lot of options for better performance, availability, recovery, and/or just manageability. So, this is our […]

Indexes in SQL Server 2005/2008 – Best Practices, Part 1

In my blog post on my new sp_helpindex proc (sp_helpindex2), I mentioned that the indexes in my sample were not necessarily a recommended set of indexes – just a test set of indexes. So… in this post, I thought I'd start a series on indexes, limitations and best practices/uses… Especially, why/how to best choose when […]

(OLD): sp_helpindex2 to show included columns (2005+) and filtered indexes (2008) which are not shown by sp_helpindex

  IMPORTANT NOTE:¬†Always check the sp_helpindex rewrites category for the USE THIS post! OK – so this has been frustrating me for many months… when you create indexes with included columns (which was a new feature of SQL Server 2005), they’re not shown by sp_helpindex or by DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS. I understand this not showing for […]