Scotland is amazingly beautiful but, ah, the weather IS worse than Seattle!

OK, I never really understood it when Paul said "Seattle doesn't even compare to Scotland" (in terms of weather) until our trip in September. And, well, that's also why I was so silent in September. We were teaching in the UK (London and Edinburgh) and Ireland (Dublin) for the first couple of weeks and then […]

RunAs Radio Interview Posted – “Kim Tripp Indexes Everything”

Well… I think I had had too much tea that morning ;-). But, as always, chatting with Richard and Greg was great. Here’s the specific show link: Oh, and just for the record, I didn’t come up with that title. But, I do hope that all your [high-priority and important] queries are indexed! Enjoy!kt

SQL2008HOLsVPC setup instructions and a note for the August 2008 release

OK, I know this post doesn't really apply to most folks but I did want to have the setup instructions on my blog so that I could refer people to it. For the August release we updated all 17 labs and all of the demos for SQL Server 2008 RTM; however, we did use a […]