Happy holidays!

[Edit 1/1/09] Well, actually its so nice here (St. Lucia) that we're staying on vacation another week – maybe I'll post some stuff next week – maybe… Well, its the end of another year, and my first complete year outside of Microsoft – and what a busy year it's been. Between the two of us, […]

TechEd demo: nonclustered index corruption

This blog post describes the demo "2 – NC Indexes" from my Corruption Survival Techniques conference session from various conferences in 2008. The links to the scripts and databases to use are in this blog post. Edit 6/4/2012: Be aware that in versions of SQL Server from 2008 onwards, you may only be able to […]


After putting up with years of me occasionally breaking into song with 'Manamana!', Kimberly finally caved-in this afternoon and asked to see the classic Muppets Manamana song video. And so for all of you who haven't been exposed to those cultural icons of 70s and 80s, the Muppets, checkout the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC9FtLQJoGM. [Edit: the […]

TechNet Magazine: feature article on Advanced Troubleshooting with Extended Events

The January 2009 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available on the web and has a new article I wrote on Advanced Troubleshooting with Extended Events in SQL Server 2008. The article covers: An overview of troubleshooting in SQL Server, along with links to a bunch of tools like DMVStats and RML An overview of […]

TechEd: 80 minute video of Corruption Survival Techniques presentation

For those of you who couldn't make it to a conference this year where I presented my Corruption Survival Techniques session, the folks at TechEd EMEA have just posted an 80 minute long video of the presentation I did in Barcelona in early November. It walks through I/O errors, what CHECKDB does, how it works, […]

SQL Server 2008: Using Change Data Capture with SSIS

I was perusing the latest release of the SQL Server 2008 Books Online on MSDN (look, Kimberly’s in Dublin this week – what else am I supposed to do to amuse myself in the evenings? :-) and found a cool new section on change data capture in the SSIS section. It’s called Improving Incremental Loads […]