Bald eagles in Alaska (4th and final part)

This is the last (and longest)  post of my bald eagle shots from last week in Haines, Alaska. I'm calling this one "the many faces of bald eagles". When you spend a lot of time watching them close up, you realize just how varied their expressions can be and there's a temptation to anthropomorphize them. […]

Bald eagles in Alaska (part 3)

Two more blog posts to go – this one has my favorite flight shots from the week. All photos were taken in RAW at 5184×3456 with my Canon 7D, additional details given with each photo. The photos shown here are as taken, no zooming or cropping, with slight black/white setting in Lightroom. Click on all […]

Bald eagles in Alaska (part 2)

Today we got really up-close-and-personal with the bald eagles up here in Haines, AK. It was a toasty 22F out on the river delta but the light was stunning, coming directly from behind us over the mountains, but without being too glaring. Click on all photos for 1024×768 enlargements.    This was taken with my […]

Bald eagles in Alaska (part 1)

This week Kimberly and I are in Haines, AK honing our photography skills using the numerous bald eagles as subjects. We're up here with photo-pro and friend Jon Cornforth, getting excellent advice. This week we've been taking the best photos of our lives thanks to Jon's tips and tricks!   A bunch of you at […]

Configuring SSMS for presenting

A few people have asked over the last few days how Kimberly and I have SSMS set up for presenting so I thought I'd do a quick blog post explaining what we do. The first thing is to go download ZoomIt so that you can zoom in the screen and people can see the details. […]

T-SQL Tuesday #012 : Summary of why DBA skills are necessary

Last Tuesday I hosted T-SQL Tuesday #012 (see here for the call for participation) and posed the question "why are DBA skills necessary?" This month broke the participation record with 46 people contributing posts – fabulous! Lots of people contributed for the first time too. And what I think is also really cool is that 45 […]

Big changes to the MCM program and how SQLskills can help you

This morning at PASS our good friend Joseph Sack, who runs the SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) program, announced some sweeping changes to the SQL MCM program and how it look going forward. We at SQLskills have been deeply involved with all aspects of these changes and now I'm free to blog about them. […]

San Diego SQL Immersion class has only ten seats left

We like to keep our class sizes limited to around 30 so that everyone gets a chance to ask all the questions they want and we have time to spend answering them in whatever depth is needed. So far we're up to 20 registrations for the San Diego class (December 6-10), which means we've got […]

In defense of transactional replication as an HA technology

Yesterday on Twitter a few people expressed disgust at a conference slide listing transactional replication as a high-availability (HA) technology. I took exception to that and argued. I think the discussion merits a blog post so here it is. This point of view is controversial and I'm expecting some dissenting comments – bring them on! I teach […]

TechNet Magazine Article: Top-10 Secrets of a SQL Server Expert

The November 2010 edition of TechNet Magazine is now available on the web and contains my latest feature article. In this article I give my top-10 secrets for success as a DBA, covering: Take inventory Standardize configurations Understand the I/O susbsystem Create a customized maintenance plan Ensure the security of your system Get on good terms with […]