Ignorance is not stupidity

You’re ignorant. About lots of things. Yes, you are. Feel offended? We’re all ignorant about lots and lots of things. Last week I wrote a non-technical blog post The Golden Rule – maybe just optional now? about the growing lack of civility in the world at large. That elicited almost 40 responses (thanks!) so I’m going to intersperse […]

Disaster recovery 101: dealing with negative SPIDS (-2 and -3)

Every so often I get asked how to deal with SPID -2 and once in a blue moon I get asked about SPID -3. Neither of these SPIDs will show up in sysprocesses or sys.dm_exec_requests or sys.dm_exec_sessions, but they’re both valid SPIDs. SPID -2 is an orphaned DTC transaction. SPID -3 is a deferred transaction. […]

MAXDOP configuration survey results

A month ago I kicked off a survey about MAXDOP setting – see here for the survey. I received results for 700 servers around the world! Here they are:   The X-axis format is X-Y-Z, where X = number of cores, Y = number of NUMA nodes, Z = MAXDOP setting. I didn't differentiate between […]

The Golden Rule – maybe just optional now?

We’ve been off-line the last couple of weeks while we’ve been traveling around Europe and now I’ve got a bunch of blog posts to catch up on (plus a whole lot of photos of cool things to show you). But first, a rant that’s been brewing for a while… something that really, really, really irritates me. And I’m sure […]

Survey: do you regularly reboot SQL Server?

In this survey I'd like to know if you regularly reboot SQL Server. There are two parts to this: a) no or yes with frequency b) if yes, why? If you answer the survey on the right, please also answer the one on the left to give the frequency of reboot/restart – thanks!  I'll report on […]

The pros and cons of trace flags

If I told you about an undocumented mod you could make to your car's brakes to make them more efficient, would you try it? What if a random mechanic told you? What if someone who's an expert in your make and model of car told you? What if the car manufacturer asked you to try it […]

Performance issues from wasted buffer pool memory

(Check out my Pluralsight online training course: SQL Server: Index Fragmentation Internals, Analysis, and Solutions.) Back in April I kicked off a survey where I asked you all to send me some information about your buffer pools – how much memory is being used for data file pages and how much of that memory is storing […]