IE2: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning

London, UK: June 10-14, 2013


This 5-day class is focused on the many areas surrounding performance. While a class such the Immersion Event on Internals and Design should be taken prior to taking this class, this class also stands alone for anyone wanting to focus on some of the most important aspects of performance tuning for SQL Server.

There are many aspects to performance tuning – some should be done when the database is designed, prototyped and tested, while others must be implemented over time. Why can’t you do all of this during design? Data churn varies, user needs change and what the users told you during development often turns out to be untrue; the end result is that workloads change. The key to long term success is being able to understand, recognize and respond to these changes.

In terms of resource troubleshooting, we’ll introduce key concepts that explain how your SQL Server is performing – IO, SQLOS, waits, queues, and inconsistent plans – and explain how to investigate performance issues related to them. We’ll focus on features that allow better analysis and/or control to constrained and protect critical workloads and perform very in-depth troubleshooting.

SQL Server versions covered:

  • SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2008R2
  • SQL Server 2008

Please note: demos will vary between versions and questions can be answered on any releases from SQL Server 2000 through the current release. And, if you’re a glutton for punishment and have even older versions, feel free to ask questions about any version ever released – someone on the team can probably answer it!

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Event details:

  • Class will run from 8:30am-5:45pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30am-5:00pm on Friday.
  • Detailed agenda:
    • 7:45am Coffee/tea
    • 8:30am Class begins
      • 9:45am 15-minute break
      • 11:15am 15 minute break
    • 12:30pm Lunch break
    • 1:30pm Class resumes
      • 2:45pm 15-minute break with dessert
      • 4:15pm 15-minute break
    • 5:45pm Class ends (5:00pm on Friday)
  • For those of you planning air travel and departure times after the class completion on Friday: we do end at 5:00pm on Friday and we use every minute of that schedule, and often we run a few minutes over. For most deliveries we end between 5:00pm and 5:15pm. This depends on questions and we often push out the 5:45pm endings earlier in the week if things are running behind but I can honestly say that we’ve never ended early. Our general recommendation is for you to purchase tickets with departures no earlier than 8:00pm. However, each city/location may be a little different. Consider contacting the hotel (or the hotel’s website) for more specific insight into travel times and specific travel options to the airport.
  • Evening events:
    • Monday evening: “Meet-n-Greet” in the bar. We’ll open a tab and pick up the first round so we can get to know each other better and wind down from day 1.
    • Tuesday evening: Guest presenter (tbd) from 6:30pm-9:00pm
    • Wednesday evening: Free evening
    • Thursday evening: Attendee ‘open-mic’ presentations from 6:30pm-9:00pm
  • You will receive printed materials for all of the lecture content and a hands-on lab DVD that you can use to work through self-paced exercises covering much of what we talk about. Additionally, after the event ends, we will provide all classroom demo content and electronic whiteboard slides on our website as a zip file.
  • Also included in your registration fee are coffee/tea, snacks and lunch. On the registration page, please let us know if you are vegetarian (other dietary requirements are your own responsibility.
  • Class size is limited to 36 students.

Location details:

  • The Immersion Event will be held in the Marriott in Kensington (London).
  • This hotel is well placed for transport and tourism in London.
  • The hotel rate is listed as 150 GBP for single occupancy (which becomes 180 GBP with VAT). To receive this rate you must register using this link(this uses our group code of SQLSQLA). This rate is likely to sell-out at the hotel so please book early to avoid disappointment.
  • The hotel rate includes:
    • Wireless internet access for the entire stay.
    • Full English breakfast every day.
  • Tea and coffee will be served as part of class from 7:45 am until 8:30am. Class begins at 8:30 am.

Pricing details:

  • Full price for the Immersion Event is US$4,295 [approx 2,650 GBP] plus VAT where required.
  • Early-bird rate is US$3,795 [approx 2,340 GBP] plus VAT where required, for registrations received in 2013 before midnight PST Friday 26th April, 2013
  • Important: VAT Since we are a US supplier we are categorized as a reverse charge supplier for all UK businesses.
    • For UK businesses, you must self-account for the VAT charge; if your country is listed as UK, we will NOT charge VAT and you will be directed to online credit card processing for your payment at the time of registration.
    • If you are outside of the UK, we must charge VAT. The VAT rate is 20%. For non-UK businesses, we will send you a VAT invoice, with our VAT number included, after March of 2013. We will also send you a credit card authorization form for this payment. Your credit card will be charged on 1st April, 2013, for the price that was due at the time when you registered, plus 20% VAT. If you register after 1st April, 2013, your credit card will be charged when you register.
    • For all credit card charges, you will be charged in US$ (with VAT, if applicable) and your credit card statement will reflect the charge in your home currency. If you are paying VAT an invoice will be sent to you with your payment details in GBP – conversion from US$ to GBP done on the day of credit card processing.
  • Any discount code entered (for instance, for past attendees) will be reflected in the price during registration.
  • For general discount information please see the F.A.Q.

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations prior to 10th May, 2013 (PST): fully-refunded minus $100 administration fee and any applicable credit-card processing charges.
  • Cancellations from 11th May, 2013 to 25th May, 2013 inclusive (PST): 50% refund of registration price.
  • Cancellations from 26th May, 2013 to 9th June, 2013 inclusive (PST): no refund.

Registration details:

Click HERE to go to our events registration page.


If you have any questions, please contact us.