Kimberly on .NET Rocks – TOMORROW – Thursday, July 29 from 7 to 9 p.m. Pacific Time

Quick entry to let you know that Kimberly L. Tripp will be on .NET Rocks tomorrow evening from 7-9p.m. Pacific Time. The show is recorded live and then edited over the weekend. The recorded session will be posted on Monday, August 2nd. Kimberly’s plan will be to discuss performance tuning techniques, indexing strategies, the clustered […]

SQL Server reaches new heights… literally!

These pictures are amazing so I thought everyone would enjoy this entry but it’s mostly to say congrats to Kevin and Stephen for summitting another mountain…again. Stephen has blogged about climbing here and Everest here and as for Kevin – he is still blogless. However, since I was guilted into blogging by Clemens, I’m going to […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Fragmentation Questions, Part I

Q: Is there another way to determine fragmentation? I don’t want to use DBCC SHOWCONTIG as it locks objects. Well, this is a good question and unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to generate information such as Scan Density or Average Page Density without running DBCC SHOWCONTIG. However, if you decide that you’re only interested […]

Three Perfect Days – Anacortes, Victoria, Vancouver

So, this weekend my partner went a bid mad. He decided that we needed a holiday with the kids and his parents… So off we went leaving Thursday afternoon and back on Sunday. Most hotels had free high speed internet access so I was safe… Day 1Drive up to Anacortes via Whidbey Island. Take the […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Index Usage Questions

Before I launch into the Q&A from this area there are a few other resources with Index Usage Q&A that you should also check out:             Review the Q&A from the June 11 Webcast here.             Review the Q&A page on SQLskills here.   Q: How does SQL server decide what index to use when […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Clustering Key Choice

Q: What about using uniqueidentifier fields for keys in a clustered index, will this affect performance? They are random numbers so they are not monotonically increasing… Ha, I always want to time how long it’s going to take for me to get this question. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve EVER given an indexing lecture (where […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – General Questions

Q: Does clustering rely on the operating system for performance? Well, I have to admit I am not entirely sure of the question here… But – I think I understand from where it might originate (well, I’ll try). First – and unfortunately (and also somewhat seriously), I think many people lack creativity in choosing a […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A: Index Defrag Best Practices – Related Resource Questions

Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? On demand MSDN webcasts (in general) can be found here. The Index Defragmentation Best Practices session is ready and available here. The prerequisite Indexing Best Practices session (from June 11) is here.   Q: Where can we get a print out of the slides? I have […]

MSDN Webcast Q&A – almost ready….

NOTE: These have NOT yet been completed and there are still a few questions that need to be answered. I will wrap these up shortly and also break them down into separate blog entries so they’re easier to wade through. I will also post the pdf, the webcast link (when it’s available), the demo scripts […]

Upcoming MSDN Webcast – Index Defrag Best Practices

Abstract: In SQL Server, Performance Tuning can be achieved through many avenues: hardware, software, the database and the client. While there are many pathes that yield gains, finding the imporvements that give the greatest gain with the least impact on your current systems is a must. In SQL Server there is no other area in […]

A Simple Start – Table Creation Best Practices

** Well, this started out as an easy “row size” write-up but I ended up adding a bunch of tangents in it and well, there’s apparently more coming because as I got started I realized there’s way more to this topic than I even barely touch on here… fyi :) ** Maybe not something that […]

Database Design considerations – where’s the silver bullet?

Well, the person then asked if we could sitdown… I said sure… We sat down at a table and they proceeded to rummage through their bag, pull out a bunch of paper (which turned out to be a single, very, large piece of plotter paper which was folded up) and proceeded to unfold it and […]

Electric winch, roller furling, in-mast mainsail furling…. not like the boats I’ve sailed before!

I’m flying through Chicago on my way back to Seattle from my past two weeks of conferences in Europe (first the SQL Server Summer Academy in Croatia and second Microsoft Tech*Ed Europe) both of which were great…and after all the craziness I’m in Chicago this week – to see family/friends and check on things for […]

Goodbye Amsterdam – hello Chicago!

Once again, Tech*Ed Amsterdam rates up there as one of my favorite conference weeks… the fun city, the social events, and especially – the speakers and the staff – all come together to make the week not only informational but just an absolutely sleepless blast! Last year I wrote up an “event log” about hardware nightmares […]