SP2, VLDB Maintenance and TechEd

OK…SP2, the SP2 refresh and then the parallel/subsequent GDRs has seemingly (and rightly so) confused some of us… However, thanks to the PSS Engineers blog (and specifically Bob Ward – Senior Escalation Engineer, Microsoft PSS), this blog entry clears up a lot of that confusion. The end result is that you should be at 9.00.3054 […]

We got our mugs on SSWUG TV!

While at SQL Server Connections in Orlando, Stephen Wynkoop of SSWUG stole some morning time for an interview (morning time is not my best but we did get a lovely “I got my mug on SSWUG tv” mug so that made it OK :) :). We (Paul and I) had a great time chatting about […]

SQL Server 2005 Books Online Scoped Search

In the quest for more (and more and more ;) information, I’ve been told about a new link – from the SQL Server Books Online team… it’s call the “SQL Server 2005 Books Online Scoped Search” and it allows you a “live” search format for accessing content in the SQL Server books online. And – […]