(Not a) CHECKDB error “Unable to deallocate a kept page”

[Edit 2014: there’s an additional bug in SQL Server 2012/2014 – see this post for details.] More details are in KB article 919142, which was only recently made public.

Survey: have you ever used these DMVs?

In this week's survey I've got four mini-surveys for you, all to do with in-depth performance analysis. I'd like to know whether you've ever used each of four DMVs that look progressively more deeply into the workings of the database engine. I'll report on the results in a week or two and start blogging about […]

Are you smart?

I came across an excellent blog post on twitter today: 10 ways you know you’re with smart people. Go read it. If the top-10 describes you then you should be proud IMHO.

Human nature is a significant hurdle to successful disaster recovery

A few weeks ago I kicked off a survey about disaster recovery testing and how the plan copes with human factors. You can see the original survey here. This Dilbert cartoon is a pretty accurate portrayal of most clients' disaster recovery plans when I first start working with them: http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2000-08-15/. Here are the survey results:   […]

TechNet Magazine: March 2011 SQL Q&A column

The March edition of TechNet Magazine is available on the web now and has the latest installment of my regular SQL Q&A column. This month's topics are: Using I/O and wait statistics Missing index analysis Smoothing relations between DBA and dev teams Page splits, fill factor and SharePoint  Check it out at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/gg703775.aspx.

Survey: what are the most common causes of performance problems?

This survey follows on from the survey results I just blogged about, and is particularly apt given we're here in Dallas this week teaching our Immersion Event on Performance Tuning. I'm interested to know the root causes of your last few performance problems. I know that we all debug multiple performance problems every week, so […]

Query plan analysis first steps

About a month ago I kicked off a survey asking what you look for when first analyzing a plan for a poorly performing query. You can see the original survey here. Here are the survey results:   The "Other" values are as follows: 13 x "Most expensive as percentage of total cost of batch" 7 […]

London class in June open for public registration

The Immersion Event on Internals and Performance in London, UK from 20-24 June, 2011 is now open for public registration! It’s been open to SQLskills Insiders for the past two weeks, with an exclusive discount offer, and is 1/3 full already. The hotel discount link will be sent to all registered attendees as soon as it […]

Ever had poor performance saving files in SSMS over slow network?

I just about beat my fists against my laptop this afternoon while updating a couple of demo scripts for our Performance class in Dallas this week. Well, not quite because I really like my new laptop. But you get the idea. I'm working over a 3G USB wireless connection and every time I want to […]

Surveys: DR plan testing and considering human nature

The recent earthquake in New Zealand and this morning's devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan set off a lot of discussion on twitter about DR planning and testing. I wrote a blog post on our SQL Server Magazine blog this morning asking people to think about their testing – see here. I'm conducting two […]

Disaster recovery 101: fixing metadata corruption without a backup

(Check out my online training courses: SQL Server: Detecting and Correcting Database Corruption and SQL Server: Advanced Corruption Recovery Techniques. We can also help you with disaster recovery.) Yesterday on the MVP newsgroup someone was asking how to fix some metadata corruption when their backups all had the corruption in too. There are two options: export everything out to a […]

Tempdb configuration survey results and advice

A few weeks ago I kicked off a survey about tempdb configuration – see here for the survey. I received results for more than 600 systems! Here they are:     These are very interesting results, for several reasons: It shows the relative distribution of core-count for SQL Servers, with a pronounced shift to 8+ […]

Nixie tube clock

From my alter-ego – the other half of my degree is in electronics – I usually blog this stuff on my separate electronics blog but this is so cool I wanted to share with the wider audience… A couple of weeks ago I built a Nixie tube clock kit that I got from Peter Jensen at TubeClock.com. Initially […]

Internals, Design, and Performance class in Chicago in May

A few weeks ago Kimberly did a blog post survey about which city in the US you'd like to see us come to with our next Immersion Event and there were two that stood out: Chicago, IL and Tampa, FL. We looked into the logistics of putting on an event at each location and we ended up […]

Recent Lego models gallery

It's been a while since I blogged about hobby stuff so I thought I'd share a few photos of recent Lego models I've made – I know quite a few of you are model nuts like me! I've included a soda can so you can get an idea of the scale of the models. Click […]