(Not a) CHECKDB error “Unable to deallocate a kept page”

[Edit 2014: there’s an additional bug in SQL Server 2012/2014 – see this post for details.]

Msg 831, Level 20, State 1, Line 1
Unable to deallocate a kept page.

More details are in KB article 919142, which was only recently made public.

Survey: have you ever used these DMVs?

In this week's survey I've got four mini-surveys for you, all to do with in-depth performance analysis.

I'd like to know whether you've ever used each of four DMVs that look progressively more deeply into the workings of the database engine.

I'll report on the results in a week or two and start blogging about using these – let me know if that would be interesting to you.


Are you smart?

I came across an excellent blog post on twitter today: 10 ways you know you’re with smart people.

Go read it. If the top-10 describes you then you should be proud IMHO.