SQLskills hires deep technical expert Joseph Sack

Days like this don’t come around very often for us here at SQLskills.com – we’re expanding again! It’s been seven months since Jonathan Kehayias came on board and we’ve had a huge amount of fun together. Now business has expanded to the point where we need to grow again so it’s time to hire the […]

Who is watching over your precious SQL Servers while you’re busy?

I bet you'd love the answer to be "SQLskills.com"? Well now it can be. Over the last few months some of our clients for whom we've performed SQL Server health checks on their critical servers have asked us if we'd consider a regular service where we perform mini-health checks on those same servers and also […]


This is a question that came up today on Twitter, and is actually something I’ve been meaning to blog about. One of the biggest space hogs in tempdb can be DBCC CHECKDB. It generates all kinds of information about what it’s seeing in the database (called facts) and stores them in a giant worktable. A […]

TechNet Magazine: September 2011 SQL Q&A column

The September edition of TechNet Magazine is available on the web now and has the latest installment of my regular SQL Q&A column. This month's topics are: Online index operations logging changes in SQL Server 2008 Is that transaction contained in my full backup? ALTER INDEX … REBUILD vs. ALTER INDEX … REGORGANIZE Avoiding regular […]

Initial VLF sequence numbers and default log file size

We're teaching on-site with a financial client in New York for two weeks and in a session this morning on log file architecture I was asked why the VLF (virtual log file) sequence numbers in a new database don't start at one. Here's an example: CREATE DATABASE foo; GO DBCC LOGINFO ('foo'); GO FileId  FileSize  […]