IEPTO2: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 2

Live Online: October 19-23 plus 26-30, 2020


This 3/400-level SQL Server training class is part two of our two-part, comprehensive training program on SQL Server performance tuning and optimization (with IEPTO1 being the first half). Each course stands alone, but we recommend taking Part 1 before Part 2, as more than 90% of people who attend IEPTO2 first then go back and take IEPTO1.

This class will give you a wealth of practical optimization techniques that you can put into production as soon as you return to work and we ensure you understand *why* and *how* a technique works rather than just what the technique is. Our aim is that you can apply what we teach you to any situation and justify your solution to your peers, management, or clients (yes, we welcome SQL Server consultants in our classes).

Building on the knowledge from IEPTO1, this course will teach you how to analyze your workload to figure out where performance problems and then how to fix them. Data churn varies, user needs change, and what the users told you during development often turns out to be untrue; the end result is that your tuning strategy needs to keep up. The key to long term success is being able to understand, recognize, and respond to these changes.

The core of this class is understanding resource usage and we will cover in-depth all the areas of concern for a SQL Server workload: I/O, CPU usage, memory usage, query plans, statement execution, parameter sniffing and procedural code, deadlocking, and the plan cache. All these topics will be addressed on multiple fronts: how SQL Server works, implementation considerations and techniques, and common problems, troubleshooting, and resolutions.

You will learn how to use specific tools and techniques for analyzing SQL Server: Query Store, wait and latch statistics, Extended Events, DMVs, Distributed Replay, and PerfMon. These techniques will be highly adaptable to whatever situation you encounter and you will understand not just how to capture performance data but also how to interpret it, so you can derive answers to your own performance problems rather than relying on someone giving you the answer.

This course will cover SQL Server 2005 through SQL Server 2019, and is essential for all SQL Server developers, DBAs, and architects. We will answer all your questions, to whatever depth you want to go.

Please note: demos will vary between versions and questions can be answered on any version.

This class is delivered live via online streaming over ten half-days so you can still get work done during your day!

For a detailed agenda click HERE.

If you need help justifying training to your organization, we can help you:

Quotes From Past Attendees:

Listed below are some verbatim quotes from recent attendees of this class:

  • “Overall great! Lots of action items for me to take back and check out in my environments.”
  • “The SQLskills training courses are excellent! Thank you for offering such an outstanding set of courses dedicated to SQL Server!”
  • “Most DBAs would love to be an knowledgeable as any of the SQLskills employees.”
  • “The SQLskills classes never disappoint. So much information is presented in a short amount of time but that is so much better than most classes with a lot of free time and fluff.”
  • “Awesome course! Awesome instructors! Awesome event overall! The SQLskills courses are the best overall intensive courses for SQL Server.”
  • “By far the best training I have ever attended.”
  • “A fire hose to be sure. But the excellent notes and demo access make this probably the most valuable class I have ever attended.”
  • “Lots of deep-dive content. It was intense, but I learned a lot.”
  • “Excellent training. Learn a lot and will help grow my career as a SQL DBA.”
  • “So much useful and new information!”
  • “Great week. Great presentations. Great presenters.”
  • “A great course with much to take back to the office. Would recommend SQLskills to anyone and everyone.”
  • “I feel like a different DBA. I feel confident and ready to tackle anything.”
  • “All good – enjoyed the course hugely.”
  • “Having worked with SQL Server for a number of years, I had lots of questions/gaps in my knowledge/product features I wanted to know more about. I feel the course fulfilled all of my training needs and more.”

Event details:

  • The class will be streamed live through ten WebEx meetings and you will receive an email invitation to the meetings a few days before the class. You will be prompted to download the streaming application when connecting to the first meeting. Note: your name may appear on the participant list in the event recordings.
  • Class will be spread over ten half-days, from Monday, October 19th, 2020 through Friday, October 23rd, 2020, and then from Monday, October 26th, 2020 through Friday, October 30th, 2020.
  • Detailed agenda for each day (all times are in Pacific Daylight Time)
    • 9am to 10:30am: morning session
    • 10:30am to 11am: morning Q&A
    • 11am to 11:30am: break
    • 11:30am to 1pm: afternoon session
    • 1pm to 2pm: afternoon Q&A
  • You will receive a PDF of the lecture content. Additionally, after the event ends, we will provide all possible demo content and any electronic whiteboard slides on our website as a zip file.
  • The class will be recorded and you will receive access to the recordings, including all audio and video.

Pricing Details:

  • Full price for the Immersion Event is US$3,995.
  • Past attendee price: If you’ve attended an Immersion Event in the past, you can register for the early bird price of US$3,495. Please contact us for instructions.
  • Any discount code entered (for instance, for past attendees) will be reflected in the price during registration.
  • For general discount information please see the F.A.Q.

Cancellation/Transfer policy:

  • Your class registration can only be canceled up to 1 calendar week before the day the class begins, and the cost will be refunded minus a US$250 administration fee (and 5% credit-card processing charges, where applicable).
  • Registrations can be transferred to a colleague to attend the class, up to one day prior to the first meeting and at no cost, as long as we are notified of the new attendee’s name.
  • A no-show registration (the attendee does not attend the class) is not eligible for a transfer or refund.

Registration details:

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