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Some book reviews

When I’m not busy writing about SQL Server, I quite enjoy reading books about it that look at things from a different point of view.


It’s sunny in Barcelona

I’m at ITForum in Barcelona, day 2. I’ve got the 17:00 talk and its on Troubleshooting Service Broker. It’s warm and sunny outside, especially for


Next stop, Hong Kong…

I’ve been honing my slides and polishing up my demos for TechEd 2006 Hong Kong at the end of September. I’ll be doing some breakouts


Pondering scale-out

Reading some papers on scale-out, I came across this in the SQL Server 2000 resource kit: “Scaling up is the first approach you should consider,


TechEd2006 Wrapup

It was a fine time at TechEd. I enjoyed catching up with a lot of old friends and making some new friends. Thanks to all of you who


About my TechEd activities

The week before TechEd, everyone’s reminded to blog about what they’ll be up to, to draw folks to sessions. The sheer number of presentations and


Our new book has arrived

Although I’m away from home this week (teaching in Hyderabad) I’ve heard that the first advance copies of Dan Sullivan’s and my new SQL Server


At Dutch Devdays

I’m writing this just before the start of the Dutch Devdays conference in Amsterdam. The conference promises to a good one, with local speakers as


Still Alive and Well

With apologies to Johnny Winter. Long time, no postings. You might have guessed why I disappeared, but Dan and I just finished and handed in


Fireworks in Hong Kong

A couple of hours after checking into my hotel on the Hong Kong waterfront, fireworks started going off outside…the real kind. Turns out I’d arrived


I’ll be at PDC…not

That’s the question that folks ask a lot lately. See you at PDC? It’s not that I wouldn’t *like* to go. It’s that there’s another 3-letter


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