They do more than just technology!

It’s amazing the things you learn about people the more time you spend with them… the first thing I want to share is about a great longtime friend of mine – Gert Drapers. It’s based on the fact that one of the best parts about a regional event is that you often end up in […]

Events, Events, Events!!!

Well, I’m not one to rant really but I have to tell you that you wouldn’t believe the comedy of errors that all fell together during my 31 hours of travel from my house in Redmond, WA to the hotel in the Babin Kuk area of Dubrovnik, Croatia. My original itinerary was SEA (Seattle) to […]

Sounds like Fillfactor…

The new Seattle Public Library opened on May 23, 2004 and it's an interesting structure that people seem to love or hate. I've always loved architecture (and I really wanted to be an architect when I was growing up :)) so more than anything I just wanted to learn more about the structure. I didn't […]

Stored Procedure Parameters giving you grief in a multi-purpose procedure?

Well… the performance ramifications are… not good! Without seeing more of the proc I’d have to suggest that you avoid this like the plague! I think I can convince you with this simple example which shows why it’s better to have multiple procedures and limit the flexibility a bit OR use DSE = dynamic string […]

MSDN Webcast Archive Available but…

OK – I’ve requested that MSDN create a new “support webcast” page that has all of these links added to it (for a more complete archive/reference item) but it’s not yet been completed. For completeness – here are ALL of the resources: The actual archive of the MSDN Webcast is here. The full Q&A in […]

SQLskills SQL Immersion Event (Oct 2004) will add open lab time and extended hours!

I just got off the phone with the event site… and it’s confirmed! We will add wireless internet access in the meeting room, along with extended labs hours – so you can stay connected as well as keep up with the interesting content! On Monday we will distribute CDs with the course demo database, all […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Index Management/Maintenance Questions

Index Management/Maintenance Questions: Q: Is there a tool or method for monitoring a database for awhile to identify indexes that are rarely or never used – that should be considered for removing? I think I mentioned this one late in the presentation but it certainly warrants an answer. Unfortunately, the answer is both yes and […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Index Creation Questions

Index Creation Questions: Q: In an OLTP server do clustered indexes create a negative performance impact to the constant inserts and updates? The wrong clustered index can for sure… In most environments, having the right clustered index (an index on an ever-increasing key) will be better than a heap (a table without a clustered index) […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: General Questions

General Questions: Q: If you want to know the value of the key prior to your insert statement, how can you use identity? You could insert a “place-holder” row (i.e. a row that uses only defaults and/or just basic information so that you can get the @@identity of the row) and then come back later […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Tools

Tools Questions: Q: Isn’t there some issue with profiler where it does not recognize DBName but only the DBID? Well, this is a good one – and a frustrating one as well. It is true that Profiler doesn’t always generate a data column value for every type of event. So – if you setup filters […]

MSDN Webcast SQL Index Tuning Q&A: Related Resources

Related Resources: Q: Can I view a recording of this webcast? It should be available on shortly.   Q: Where can we get the powerpoint file? The powerpoint will be available on the MSDN webcast resource page. I will post the exact link here and on as soon as the final link is […]

Great MSDN Webcast today – had a ball!!

Thanks for being there! If you were there then you know – it’s was quite fun and you had a lot of questions – questions that I didn’t see until the session ended (whooops!). My Q&A dialog box was only showing a subset of questions so I didn’t know….. Well, now I do (that’s for sure)! […]

Indexes from Every Angle – Finding the Right Balance

This Friday I’ll deliver an MSDN webcast on SQL Server Indexing – for people who are not SQL Server experts. It’s a good overview of what you should look for, what you should do and which tools will give you the best bang for the buck when used correctly… Here’s the MSDN link: See […]

And the blog goes live!

This is pretty exciting… Today we moved the blog over from the test site (where I added all of the other entries) to SQLskills… I guess I better start blogging. In fact, I think I’ll try and blog most of the questions I get in email. In fact, I got two today. Stay tuned….

Security Best Practices

Today Michele and I were chatting about Security. She’s focused a lot on it these days and is chatting with everyone about their best practices… I thought I’d mention a few important links/ideas here: Login Mode: Allow windows authentication only – making sure that the sa account has a strong password set (regardless of the […]

Kicking users out of a database for…

All sorts of purposes: maintenance, rebuilding the database objects, dropping/recreating the database in test environments, changing a state option like readonly (did you know that no users can be using the database when you make this change to RO)…. Anyway, lots of reasons and this has always been the case. In previous releases we used […]

Profiler – STOP that scrolling!!!

Have you ever been watching a profiler trace only to find what you’re looking for, select it and then all of a sudden get “auto-scrolled” down to the end… UGH – that’s the default! But – Profiler does have an icon for stopping that behavior. (and since I generally (and personally) HATE most icons cause […]

For Keyboard/keystroke geeks only

OK, so I can’t tell you how fast I type… I have no clue! But – I do know that people get made at me on IM chats because they (well, most of them) cannot keep up (especially my Father!!!)… And the key reason for why??! I tend to stay on the keyboard instead of constantly […]

Random info about documentation and the Books Online

First, do you have the latest version of the SQL Server Books Online? Make sure you do: Second, do you ever need the info when you’re not at your desk? Make sure you know where they are:

Stored Procedures are NOT evil… but they can be frustrating!

After a group of RDs started chatting about stored procedures I finally felt like I could join in. Often they talk about .Net and client stuff and well, quite honestly, I don’t care what you do with the data…only that I serve it up quickly. Ok, I’m really kidding here but my primary focus is […]

Text in Row table option – a good thing???

In a discussion with Scott about the “text in row” option for LOB (Large Object Data types: text, ntext, and image) data he questioned whether or not it was really a good idea to set… Well, I have mixed feelings about it really. In general I don’t recommend it unless EVERY query tends to want the […]

Best Practices Analyzer Releases

And the reason that Clemens blogged about me was actually a good one for all to know… Best Practices Analyzer has released. Everyone should be looking at whether or not their SQL Servers are adhering to roughly 70 or so commonly mispracticed practices. Have fun.

I can’t not blog any longer!

After Clemens blogged about my not having a blog… I guess I couldn’t not blog any longer. And so I begin… In the past I’ve written content in the form of presentations, articles or classes, etc. They would go through editors, friends, anyone who would read it. Often they’d remove my sarcasm, bad spelling and/or […]