SQL Server Migration Assistants

In part 11 of the TechNet webcast series for the ITPro, I spoke briefly about the Oracle Migration Assistant and the recent release of the Community Tech Preview versions of both the Access and Sybase Migration Assistants… A few of you asked for their download location and there were even a few replies that folks […]

Changing Database Collation and dealing with TempDB Objects

OK, so… I don't know how many of you use different collations but if you do then you know that there are two truths: 1) They're very flexible 2) They can cause you a bit of grief (changing collations and tempdb) Flexibility As of SQL Server 2000 (or heck, maybe it was 7.0?), database collations […]

SQL Server Team Blogs – a new one and some existing ones!

The SQL Server team has a few *very* interesting blogs and the Engine Team just started blogging – check it out here: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlserverstorageengine/ (thanks for the heads up Sunil). For completeness, here are the bulk of the other SQL team blogs – which I leveraged (aka stole – thanks Euan!) from Euan Garden’s EXCELLENT list (his […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Series Links

Hey there everyone – The series has completed and I know that many of you struggled to get access to the surveys… Microsoft has asked me to post links to the surveys…so, for completeness, I decided to create this blog entry to have links for every session, every blog link (resources, demo scripts, etc.) and […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 11 of 11

Well… 11 of 11 has completed. Friday was our last chat – until next time ;). It was a summary event where I took a slightly different spin on things focusing on grouping technologies by the amount of effort that’s needed to implement them. Simply put, we looked at the technologies in order of what […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 9 of 11

In part 9 of our webcast series titled: Implementing Database Mirroring, we covered the steps from setup to failover to monitoring. There were lots of great questions and I think we could easily go back and do a couple more hours on database mirroring, failover combinations – including manual failover and client application questions. Having said […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 10 of 11 – errata

In the last few minutes of the webcast (part 10), I goofed up one line of code and didn’t realize it until today. As my very last demo (and there were at least 10 different scenarios/concepts/demos yesterday) in my webcast, I decided to show a Database Snapshot on a Mirror database. It was the second […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 10 of 11

OK – today's session was quite fun… lots of demos and quite a few "tie-ins" where I tried to bring together many things that we've touched on in our series. And – that's really the point of the series – creating a reliable, robust, scalable and available environment takes MANY different features. You really need […]

Sun caused brain damage (not really) but…

I completely spaced in blogging about a recent interview I did…poolside, in Orlando, FL when I was at SQL Connections back in April. I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck Boyce (a DBA from Philly, PA) who feverishly works in his spare time to spread the word about technology and specifically about all things SQL. […]

TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro – Part 8 of 11

Last week Mark Wistrom (Program Manager in the SQL Server Team at Microsoft), delivered part 8 of our TechNet webcast series. Most of the resources needed to prepare for this session – as well as learn more about Database Mirroring – have already been posted in the blog entry for part 7 (as homework!). However, […]

Chatting with Greg Low from SQLDownUnder.com

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of chatting with Greg Low – a fellow RD and MVP who is also excited to be focused and working in the SQL Server space. He’s been doing a few podcasts on database technologies and we were finally able to hook up today. He caught me off guard with […]