Data Dude moving into lower priced VS Editions in VS 2010 – excellent!

Data Dude (Visual Studio "DBPro") has generally been an expensive tool – only in the "Team Systems" Edition of Visual Studio. But, that's all going to change in VS 2010. Here's a picture of the new editions and which components of Data Dude are where: This is a HUGE improvement (after the clarification isn't not […]

Travel tips – tagged by Kevin!

This is a bit overdue as Kevin Kline tagged me in a meme post to help people get ready for their travel to PASS. However, we were too busy with travel (we were in Australia at the time) to get to it. And, while this year's PASS has past, it's not too late for travel in […]

Interviews with MidnightDBA are posted

At PASS we hung out with Sean McCown and Jen McCown (of MidnightDBA) and chatted… and, despite our better judgement, it was recorded. ;-) These aren't overly technical but they are fun! Enjoy!! Part 1 of 2: Part 2 of 2: And, our favorite "travel tip" from the video is to know your plane […]

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives (book for charity)

Well… it's finally been released and last week was the book launch. This book came together first as a goal by Paul Nielsen who was motivated by Steve Ballmer's request that MVPs "give back" even more and even outside of the direct technical community. Paul had the idea of a book – written for charity […]