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SQLskills offers the best, most in-depth, SQL Server training available! We’ve created a myriad of different options to ensure you get the most out of your training budget and your time.

  • Live, ONLINE deliveries
    • Interactive online courses with ample time for Q&A
    • Access to the recording of that delivery does NOT expire
  • Recorded courses
    • 90-Day Access: this option is only available for a limited number of courses and at a rock bottom 70% OFF regular price!
    • 1 Year Access: this option is available for all of our immersion events and for 50% OFF regular price!

SQLskills Discounts Available (update 9 September 2021)

  • Updating your SQL skills to 2019: Alumni who want to attend the SAME course as one already attended, can RETAKE the same LIVE delivery for 50% OFFSend us an email so we can generate a special discount code for you. For example. if you attended IEPTO1 on SQL Server 2014, you can RETAKE the LIVE delivery of IEPTO1 on SQL Server 2019 again for 50% OFF!
  • ALUMNI attending LIVE, ONLINE Deliveries: If you are a former attendee of a SQLskills Immersion Event (whether online or in-person), you are ALWAYS eligible for the “alumni” discount on new/individual courses. Please send us an email so that we can give you a special code to use for your first purchase in our shop!
  • ALUMNI purchasing recorded courses: Alumni who want to purchase an individual recorded course can receive an additional 5% off the already deeply discounted prices. If you already hold a course membership, the discount will be applied automatically during checkout (as member pricing). If you have not yet purchased anything through our online shop but are an alumnus wanting to join us online, send us an email so we can generate a special discount code for you to use for your first purchase.
  • BUY IN BULK: For those of you who want to attend multiple courses or a mix of courses for a group of folks at your company – we offer our “6 for 5” discount. If you purchase 6 seats for any combination of INDIVIDUAL courses, we’ll give you the price for only 5 (you get one free – which is roughly 17% OFF)! Please contact us for special pricing and options.
  • LARGER GROUPS & SITE-LICENSING is available. Please contact us for special pricing and options.

Targeted Training Paths and Bundles

Comprehensive training bundles for the lowest price! Read the complete details here.

Complete Short Course Bundle: The SQLskills Complete Short Course Bundle includes all five of our focused short courses. The curriculum for this bundle includes these courses: IETLB, IEQueryIEVLT, IECS, and IEQS discounted to $1,475.00.

SQL Server Jumpstart Bundle: The SQLskills Jumpstart Bundle includes the best starting place for accidental or junior DBAs. The curriculum for this bundle includes these courses:  IE0, IETLB, and IEQuery discounted to $1,995.00.

SQL Server Jumpstart+ Bundle: The SQLskills Jumpstart+ Bundle adds the remaining short courses to the curriculum to give folk an additional set of skills to advance! The curriculum for this bundle includes these courses: IE0IETLBIEQueryIEVLTIECS, and IEQS discounted to $2,495.00.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Bundle: The SQLskills Performance Tuning Bundle includes our two most popular courses: IEPTO1 and IEPTO2. These are the two most desired courses for all SQL Server data professionals! The curriculum for this bundle includes these courses: IEPTO1 and IEPTO2 discounted to $3,395.00.

SQLskills Blackbelt NOW Bundle

The curriculum for this bundle includes over 158 hours of deep, technical content with these courses:

  • IEAzure: Recorded on SQL Server 2019 (22:30:22)  
  • IEPTO1: Recorded on SQL Server 2019 (43:17:40) 
  • IEPTO2: Recorded on SQL Server 2019 (40:00:55)
  • IECAG: Recorded on SQL Server 2019 (18:07:27)
  • IEVLT: Recorded on SQL Server 2019 (13:51:39)
  • IECS: Recorded on SQL Server 2017 (10:39:42) 
  • IEQS: Recorded on SQL Server 2019 (9:47:43)

Performance Tuning and so much more! The SQLskills Blackbelt Bundle is the most comprehensive set of training for a full-time and dedicated SQL Server data professional. The curriculum for this bundle is heavily discounted; the bundle includes these RECORDED courses: IEAzureIEPTO1IEPTO2IECAGIEVLTIECS, and IEQS discounted to $6,995.00.


Please be sure to read all the options for these offerings (full details for all live courses, recorded courses, and bundles) on our Upcoming SQLskills Immersion Event offerings page here.

We are LIVE for worldwide sales. Please be sure to read our tax details and compliance page here.

IMPORTANT NOTE for VPN Users: Please purchase ONLY after disconnecting from your VPN. Unfortunately, the VPN connections send two IP addresses during credit card processing and this fails the “IP check.” We’ve submitted a bug report to the credit card processor’s WooCommerce plug-in but for now, you CANNOT purchase while connected through a VPN.

Please also review our CANCELLATION POLICY.

Register NOW for Individual LIVE, Online Immersion Events

If we have upcoming live / interactive courses scheduled, they will be listed below. When this list is empty our current Spring or Fall line-up has recently completed and we are already planning our next series. Generally, we offer a mix of 5-8 courses in the Spring and again in the Fall. For the foreseeable future, these courses are ONLINE and delivered in our “half day” format – allowing you to absorb content more easily as well as stay current with what’s going on in your office! Join our newsletter to learn about special offers and upcoming courses BEFORE they’re posted here!

Our FALL 2021 line-up will be posted shortly and available for registrations in August 2021 (with our early-bird pricing specials available first and for a limited time).

Our Immersion Event schedule for 2021 Fall / Winter is now available for registration! Remember to join our newsletter to learn about special offers and upcoming courses as early as possible!

Early-bird pricing ends six to eight weeks prior to a course’s start date. Here are the specific dates through which the early-bird pricing is available:

  • IEPTO1: early-bird pricing expires on September 1, 2021 at 23:59 GMT
  • IECAG: early-bird pricing expires on September 13, 2021 at 23:59 GMT
  • IECS: early-bird pricing expires on September 30, 2021 at 23:59 GMT
  • IEPTO2: early-bird pricing expires on October 16, 2021 at 23:59 GMT
  • IEAzure: early-bird pricing expires on November 14, 2021 at 23:59 GMT
  • BUNDLES: both bundles (LIVE: Performance Tuning and LIVE: Blackbelt) will be available for purchase only through October 9. 2021 at 23:59 GMT and the early-bird pricing will expire on September 13, 2021 at 23:59 GMT